Depression and the Past

Posted on September 29th, 2011 by admin

There is always a first or original depressive episode that occurs in a person’s life. It may come early in life or, later. This primordial or foundational depression has a basis or explanation, which is very important to know and understand, because every subsequent depressive episode is a more or less based upon it. In other words, there is a causal thread that runs between all periods of depression during the course of one’s life, linking them together.

Since depression eventually results in repression of thoughts and emotions, the reason for the first depressive episode will become buried or hidden in the subconscious mind. Later, when depression recurs, the cause may be a mystery, since the memory of the original depression has faded, as well as the remembrance of who one was at that time. This, of course, poses a major problem for someone trying to remedy a present depression. As time passes, the distance between the first and current depressive episode increases; and the current cause, which is based on the original depression, proves to be enigmatic.

That is why it is important to understand and deal with the primordial depression as soon as possible after its inception, while it is still freshly being experienced on a conscious level: when thoughts and emotions associated with it are powerful. Otherwise, it will be much harder to remedy it once it enters the subconscious mind and, thus, becomes more inaccessible to analysis and change. After that happens, one will experience later depression without being aware of why it is happening; and much time and mental effort will be required to finally arrive at the the solution to the problem and do something about it. It may even be necessary for those parts of the brain that have been repressed to be biologically reactivated again to discover the cause and to be cognitively retrained in order to prevent future depressive episodes.

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